Pressed dry food

Pressed dry food

A pressed pellet is a pellet with a very high nutrient content because these pellets, as the name suggests, have been pressed. Our pressed pellets are all cold-pressed and their high nutrient content and good digestibility are preserved because high temperatures are not used.

Pressed pellets are ideal for giving in combination with meat since they are digested almost identically. You can even mix these pellets in with the meat if you like. Do be aware that once a dog has got used to meat mixed with its dry food it is very likely that the dog will no longer want to eat the dry food without meat.

We have two lines of pressed pellets in our range:

The gluten-free pressed pellet:

These pressed pellets can be given to dogs that are often fed meat, that have sensitive stomachs or guts or that are allergic to certain grains like wheat, for instance.

The gluten-free pressed pellet is easily absorbed thanks to the outstanding ingredients used and only a very small amount should be given. In the early stages you should weigh the pellets and make sure that you do not exceed the recommended portion.

If you are making the switch from expanded pellets to pressed pellets then it is advisable to use up all of your current pellets and then to carefully start with the pressed pellets. On the first day give 1/3 of the required amount, then 2/3 on the second day and if this goes well then you can start feeding your dog the normal portion as indicated in the nutrition table from day three onwards. Make sure that you weigh these pellets because they are naturally very heavy and it may seem like you are giving very little in terms of volume.

These pellets are available in 5kg and 15kg bags in the following varieties:NaturisHondenbrokken

  • Pressed pellet HE – Chicken : vfor highly active adult dogs
  • Pressed pellet HE – Fish : for young dogs from 6 months onwards and for highly active adult dogs
  • Pressed pellet Lamb : For adult dogs with sensitive digestive tracts or for dogs with a low to normal activity level
  • Pressed pellet Puppy : For puppies up to approximately 6 months old
  • These varieties are available in 20kg bags for breeders.


The grain and gluten-free pressed pellet

These pressed pellets are mainly intended for dogs who suffer from allergies and they can be given in combination with the fresh meat varieties that are suitable for elimination diets. The ingredients are of exceptionally high quality and all varieties are composed of just one source of protein which makes this dry food ideally suitable for allergic dogs.

These pressed pellets are made from sweet potato, rice and peas and contain only natural ingredients:

  • Glucosamine/Chrondoitin: helps keep joints supple
  • Yucca: helps to neutralise unwanted odours
  • Salmon oil: contains essential fatty acids
  • Fruit: rich in essential nutrients
  • Seaweed: helps with natural deworming and a healthy coat
  • Linseed: for an optimum balance of omega 3 and 6
  • Tomato: a natural antioxidant

If you are starting with this dry food and have previously been giving expanded pellets then it is advisable to first completely use up your current pellets. You can then give 1/3 of the required daily amount on the first day, followed by 2/3 on the second day and if that goes well then you can give the full amount from day 3 onwards.

Make sure you weigh these pellets as they are naturally very rich and you must definitely not exceed the recommended portion, even if it seems like a small amount!

Be aware that if your dog needs these pellets for whatever reason you must not give it any treats or snacks that contain chemical substances or ingredients from protein sources to which it is allergic because you will then completely negate the function of the pellets.

Grain and gluten-free pressed pellets are available in 10kg bags in the following varieties:Persbrok-staand

  • Pressed pellet Turkey
  • Pressed pellet Duck
  • Pressed pellet Rabbit
  • Pressed pellet Reindeer
  • Pressed pellet Trout/Prawn

The choice of dry food you should give to your dog naturally depends on which substances it is allergic to.