Welcome to the Naturis Dog Food website.

Naturis is a relatively young company that is continually innovating and investing in its products in order to ensure high quality. Our main goal is to help improve your dog's health.

Naturis dog food is suitable for all breeds and ages; we don't waste time on sales pitches or expensive marketing campaigns and sales representatives. We would rather use the money to ensure that our products are made from high-quality ingredients.

Our dog food was developed in collaboration with vets, breeders and nutrition experts in order to create an honest product with an excellent price to quality ratio and of course with no synthetic additives such as fragrance enhancers, colouring agents, flavour enhancers and antioxidants.

This is the only way we feel that we can offer you and your dog a top quality product.


We can take this literally in every sense of the word 'naturally':
  1. We only use natural ingredients, which means the food is easy to digest and contains fewer waste materials.
  2. It's not just our products that are made naturally, our company is environmentally conscious too. All our energy comes from our own solar panels. We run on green energy!
  3. We use transparent sausage casings so that you not only see what the meat looks like, but we also don't put any unnecessary burdens on the environment by using dyes and prints.
  4. We use very simple, brown, recyclable boxes. This is also beneficial for the environment
  5. Naturally, your dog will show you that it is better for his natural well-being!

Only the finest quality

The quality of our ingredients is very important to us and that is the reason why we don't order any ready-made mixtures, for instance. No, we want to see all the ingredients first before making a mixture ourselves!

In short, a healthy dog with much less mess!
We hope you enjoy discovering all the different varieties of dog food listed in our main menu.