Frozen Fresh Meat

Frozen Fresh Meat

Naturis Frozen Fresh Meat Dog Food, the name says it all, is made of fresh meat and then frozen for storage. Absolutely no grains, preservatives, colouring agents or binding agents are added.

We use fresh meat that is suitable for human consumption and that comes from EEG certified abattoirs. All of these abattoirs are strictly monitored by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC), and the same applies to us. In addition to the compulsory inspections carried out by the FASFC, we also check our meat in a licensed lab every week for salmonella and enterobacteriaceae in order to be certain that we only process high-quality ingredients.

The ingredients are processed while frozen or ice-cold and we avoid warming them so that the natural vitamins, amino acids and minerals are retained.

No extra calcium or phosphorous is added to our Fresh Meat Dog Food. The calcium/phosphorous all comes from natural sources:

  1. For poultry-based foods: ground bones (e.g. grain-fed chicken, duck, turkey, etc.)
  2. For beef-based foods: ground bones and cartilage (e.g. from goats, cattle, etc.)
  3. For fish-based foods: whole fish are processed (e.g. mackerel, herring, salmon, etc.)

Seaweed is added to all our foods since it is extremely rich in vitamins and is great for your dog’s health.

Naturis has an extensive range of fresh meat dog food, so we have something suitable for every dog.

We pack our meat in transparent sausage casings. Not only is this better for the environment but you can also see what you are buying! Because we only use natural products and absolutely no colouring agents, it is possible that differences in colour arise. This is not because we have changed the recipe but is due to the fact that the fattiness of the meat can vary.

Sometimes the chickens have more fat than normal and this results in a sausage that is very light in colour. If the chickens are less fatty, then the sausage has a darker colour. This is perfectly natural and will not harm your dog in any way.

Frozen fresh meat should really be a required part of your dog’s diet.
Fresh meat contributes to healthy gut flora and to put it simply:

Healthy gut flora = a healthy dog!