Dry food expanded

Dry food expanded

Like our fresh meat, our dry food is also suitable for all breeds. For our dry food we also avoid sales pitches, expensive packaging, expensive advertising campaigns featuring misleading information or expensive sales representatives. No, we use natural ingredients of consistently high quality. That is what we want to invest in!

For us your dog is what’s important, and your dog is the best possible advertising.

NaturisHondenbrokkenOur dry food does not contain any synthetic additives in the form of aromas, colouring agents and flavour enhancers. Here we also aim for ‘Naturally Naturis’ and we guarantee that we will use ingredients of consistently high quality that can pass any kind of quality control.

Consistently high-quality ingredients ensure that Naturis dry dog food is easy to digest and absorb in the gut, so that you do not need to feed as much and less waste is produced. All of our dry food contains a very high proportion of meat. For instance, we don’t just mix in 3% meat from a specific animal. Instead we make sure that your dog gets what it needs.

Furthermore, in our list of ingredients we mention the meat in dried form (meal) and not in the form it was prior to processing, since at that stage more than 60% of its moisture still needs to be removed and as a result only a fraction of the listed percentage would be left.

We like to be open and honest to our customers so that you know what you are buying and you are the one who decides whether or not it’s the right thing for you. But we think that you and your dog should have a fair and honest choice.

Naturally, feeding requirements are strongly influenced by how active a dog is, nevertheless it is only necessary to feed a very small quantity of Naturis Dog Food to your dog. It is very important that you keep to the feeding programme since giving too much food can cause a variety of intestinal and skin problems.

The expanded pellet or hard pellet is actually the classic type of pellet that you are probably already familiar with. It is hard and not easy to break, in contrast to the pressed pellet which is very easy to break. This is one way to quickly see what kind of pellet you are giving your dog.

You’ll probably be wondering which pellet is the best for your beloved dog.
This is a difficult question that depends on both your dog’s digestion and your own habits.

The expanded or hardened pellet is recommended for dogs that:

The following applies to all of our pellets:

  • Are rarely or never fed meat
  • Eat their dry food easily without any meat mixed in with it
  • Have no or few stomach and/or intestinal problems
  • For owners who like to feed their dogs a relatively large volume of food

All our dry food is available in 5kg or 15kg bags.
We have 20kg bags for breeders.

  • Fewer and firm stools
  • Give pellets without adding water
  • Keep to the feeding programme
  • Always provide fresh drinking water
  • Premium quality
  • Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids

Mixing fresh meat with expanded pellets is not recommended since they are digested very differently and the dog will only absorb one or the other. If you would like to use both expanded pellets and fresh meat then do so by giving the dry food in the morning and the fresh meat in the evening, or vice versa.